Atypical lifestyle

We all live our life such way that reflects social norms, laws, and our own personal values and attitudes. Your lifestyle may be considered atypical.

Norms are rules and expectations by which members of society are conventionally guided. Some requests may deviate from or not conform to these norms, or other unwritten rules that society is believed to has agreed upon or expected.

In another sense of the word, normal means average or standard. So while an alcoholic may yearn to live a “normal” life, creative people, sportsmen, top managers, au naturale couples, or even a bored high school student may yearn to live anything but. We accept and tolerate these differences.

Atypical requests often require extra attention and highly educated, selected staff. Always notify us in advance. We underline here again that confidentiality and our client’s privacy is the most important.

Au naturale households

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