Computer, software, web

Homes and home based offices are supported by dedicated senior telecommunications and information technology professionals.

Computers, home based offices

  • Computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone installation, configuration, setup, upgrade and repair.
  • Home local area network installation and repair (LAN, WiFi, Cat6 network up to 10 gigabits/s).
  • Internet router, modem and firewall setup.
  • Home laser or inkjet printer and scanner configuration, repair.
  • iPad, iPhone and Android setup and training, repair.
  • Operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux) installation, setup, repair, update.
  • Anti-Virus protection and Internet security.
  • Data backup and recovery.
  • Desktop and server installation, repair and maintenance for home offices.
  • Database server maintenance and backup data management.
  • System administrator services in Microsoft, Mac or Linux environment.

Software development

  • Web site design and programming of the presentation, database and multimedia content and business tiers. WordPress. HTML5 and javascript.
  • Application design and programming for mobile devices – Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Application development for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (macOS) desktop and server platforms. Custom business software.

Marketing, information security

  • Internet and social media marketing.
  • Internet, computer and data security services.
  • Customized, highly secure proprietary solution adds extra layer of security for your business
  • Scam, spam, phishing, virus and other attack detection and counter measures.

Services are provided by Weston Digital City, LLC.