Frequently Asked Questions


How to contact you ?
At the bottom of the page you can find our address, phone number, email address and twitter account. Phone numbers and email addresses are hidden. Please tap on the line to pop it up. By using our twitter account, you can send direct messages (DM).
Do you accept new clients ?
Yes. Although new customers usually reach us by referals from existing clients using social ties through families and friends, but we accept calls from third parties. Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of our services, we reserve the right to deny or terminate service without giving an explanation.
Are you available at Weston ?
Yes. Our home town is Weston, Florida. We have been living here since 1998.
Do you accept clients from Ft. Lauderdale ?
Yes, Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood is also served. If you live in Miami or Palm Beach, we may have to add a small extra charge to our bills.
What or who is Yale Mom ?
Yale Mom is Maggie, who helps your talented kids grow up, learn hard and have funs. Children of our management, family friends and clients went to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley and Hopkins. She has experience in mentoring young minds to be valedictorian and be accepted by elit universities. Contact us for this personalized baby sitting, home tutoring or personal care of your pupils or students. She also assists you in searching and choosing the best college for your children.


Is there a price list ?
Every service is personalized. We can’t provide a list. Maid and house cleaning services usually start at $25/hour. Electricians and computer/TV repair experts work for $40-60/hour. There may also be a minimum $50-$150 service charge to come to the house and evaluate a maintenance or repair problem. Special requests and late hours may add to the bill.
How to pay for service ?
New clients are required to pay with cash, cheque, or by a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or Amex credit card when the amount is $50 or more. You have to pay immediately after the service was delivered. Bill may be mailed a couple of days later. Our returning clients can pay the bill by credit cards or PayPal. They usually receive the bill weekly or monthly.
Can we pay with credit cards or PayPal ?
Yes. Our returning customers can pay the bill by credit cards or PayPal when the amount is $50 or more.
I need extra hours services
Creative people, top managers, artists or sportsmen often need late hours attention. These personalized services are available for our returning customers only.
Pets at home
The most popular pets are likely dogs and cats but people also keep house rabbits, hamsters, parrots, aquatic pets, such as goldfish and tropical fish. In some cases we call specialists to offer “good” animal welfare vary considerably between different contexts. Extreme or prohibited pets are not accepted.
I’m a pianist and must practice a lot
We won’t disturb you. One of our clients needs to practice for at least four hours a day.
Is there an age limit ?
At least one adult is expected to be our client contact. He or she, or an adult representative must be peresent when we deliver services. There is no upper age limit. We are especially glad to to assist senior citizens.
What do ‘special requests’ mean ?

Atypical requests may require extra attention, highly educated staff or other extra resources, and we need to select the right person to serve you.

We all live our life such way that reflects social norms, laws, and our own personal values and attitudes. Norms are rules and expectations by which members of society are conventionally guided. Some requests may deviate from or not conform to these norms, or other unwritten rules that society is believed to has agreed upon or expected. Within the walls of the homes the meaning of “normal” and “acceptable” changes by times, cultures and families.

In another sense of the word, normal means average or standard. So while an alcoholic may yearn to live a “normal” life, creative people, sportsmen, top managers, au natural couples, or even a bored high school student may yearn to live anything but. We accept and tolerate these differences.

Do I have to pay extra for special requests ?
Yes. Prices are always personalized, please call us. Usually add 25$-50$/hour to house cleaning, maid and other inside services.