Living in the ‘LifeStyle’

Many couples in Florida have found a way to enjoy the company of others living au naturale, and invite them as guest to their homes. It’s called the “lifestyle,” or swinging, an arrangement in which couples meet, can get dressed in sexy-lingerie, have a nice dinner, and, if they want, have sex with the other couple(s).

By helping you getting your personal swinger house party in the swing of things, it may provide a more discreet and relaxing atmosphere for you personally, your lover along with a couple of other guests.

  • First and foremost, we make it certain that your property is neat and clean,
  • we set up a plan as to which rooms in the home should be used for social and private areas, and
  • prepare some finger meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the guests.

Such an atypical request may demand extra attention and cautiously selected and trained team. Always notify us in advance.

Services are available only for our returning customers.